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1. What is the relationship between International Campus, Zhejiang University(ZJU) and Zhejiang University?

International Campus, Zhejiang University constitutes an organic part of Zhejiang University. It is part of ZJU’s strategic move to explore new models of higher education that combine the best practices of the east and west, learn from world's advanced educational experiences, and cultivate talents with innovative minds and international vision.

It adopts the same student recruitment policy with Zhejiang University.

2. How does the International Campus create an international learning atmosphere for students?

The working language of the International Campus is English.

All the courses are taught in English.

Foreign professors with experience in world-class universities comprise the majority of the teaching staff.

A significant number of international students are admitted annually, and its percentage will be no less than 30.

3. What are the demographics of students admitted to the International Campus?

In the long term, 40% of the students will be admitted to its graduate programs, and 60% to undergraduate programs. No less than 30% of international students will be enrolled.

4. How does International Campus help the students to improve their English level?

In order to adapt the students to the academic environment of English teaching, all the students are required to take part in pre-sessional program in September, 2016. This program will help them develop and improve their academic English in order to reach the required level for future study.

5. What are the programs of International Campus, Zhejiang University?
6. After graduating from the International Campus, ZJU, what kind of degree can be awarded?

ZJU-UoE Institute:

BSc of Zhejiang University and BSc of the University of Edinburgh

ZJU-UIUC Institute:

BSc of Zhejiang University and BSc of UIUC 

7. International Campus, Zhejiang University is the first institute in China that adopts the one-to-many institute-based cooperation?

Zhejiang University will cooperate with several top universities and respectively build joint institutes with each of them. So far, ZJU-Imperial Joint Lab for Applied Data Science has opened. Institute of China Studies, ZJU-UoE Institute and ZJU-UIUC Institute has been formally established. Upon completion, the International Campus will become a place where top universities cluster, and where talent cultivation, scientific research, and technology transfer take place. The students who study in international campus will have the opportunity to learn from the professors of different academic backgrounds.

8. Do students have the opportunity to study abroad?

ZJU-UoE Institute:

All the students have the opportunities to participate in different types of overseas study projects.

ZJU-UIUC Institute:

All the students can go to UIUC to study for one semester without increasing the tuition fee.

9. What is the “Residential College”?

As an ICZU student, you have the privilege to live in our Residential College, which provides you with a friendly and supportive learning-and-living environment. Each of you have a private bedroom, shared bathroom and common living space. The multipurpose and integrated design of the College also offers library facilities, study rooms, discussion and interactive space, activity and fitness rooms with full gym facilities.


The Dean of our Residential College, Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, is a famous educationist who was the President of HKU for 12 years. The Fellows, Advisors (or Tutors) and Counselors in the College are all ready to help you make the most out of your learning experience here, through general education, value inculcation and personal development, to become an all-rounded person with knowledge, competence, morality and individuality.