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China Wisdom for the World—Giusto Patricio Javier from MCS in an Interview with CCTV during the 19th CPC National Congress


With the successful conclusion of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, socialism with Chinese characteristics provides wisdom and new thoughts for global development, drawing extensive attention around the world. Giusto Patricio Javier, graduate student of the class of 2017 from Institute of China Studies, Zhejiang University, and professor of Politics at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, shared his views on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics in interviews with China Radio International (CRI) and CCTV. 

Giusto Patricio Javier expressed his confidence in the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation in the new era under the leadership of Presidents Xi Jinping. He said in the interview that “I believe that the main achievements of Xi's administration in the past first five years have been: deepening the economic development with a focus on technology and innovation; implementing the "One Belt, One Road" Initiative (the largest infrastructure plan in the history of mankind), the green development with an impressive transformation of China's energy mix and the relentless anti-corruption campaign. Undoubtedly, these achievements will be part of his legacy. It's deepening in the next five years is what will pave the way to achieving the goals of the "two centennials”. 

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