Mark D. Butala
Mark D. Butala

Assistant Professor
ZJU-UIUC Institute
International Campus
Zhejiang University

312 Liberal Arts and Sciences
718 East Haizhou Road
Haining, Zhejiang, P. R. China

Active projects


The Image and Signal Processing Applications Laboratory strives to extract knowledge from data through the application of rigorous signal and image processing methodology. Our goals are motivated by fundamental scientific questions in varied domains.

A current focus involes the study and characterization of the regions in the Sun-Earth system pertaining to space weather: from the Sun to its impact on technological systems in Earth orbit and on the surface. Progress in this domain is a national priority as China strives to become a space science superpower.

Sun-Earth connection (The above modified image is courtesy of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.)

The main regions in the connected Sun-Earth system include: