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Student Organizations

The International Campus Student Union

Through elected representatives and committee members, the ICSU advocates for students in academic, administrative, and residential matters for the International Campus at Zhejiang University, providing a platform for self-serving, self-managing, self-educating and self-supervising. It officially represents student interests before the International Campus faculty and administration, participating in the management of various affairs on campus.

Groups and Organizations





Residential   College Student Committee (RCSC)

Enriching   college culture, participating in the management of Residential College.

The   International Student Council (ISC)

Combining   international students with Chinese students and the campus.


Inversheen   Photography Club

Enhancing   students' photography skills.

144HZ   Movie Club

Organizing   the movie-watching activities.

Cantonese   Club

Teaching Cantonese and spreading Lingnan   culture.

Jihui Poita   Club

Let' art.

Voice of Tide Broadcasting Club

Voice paints life.


Badminton   Club

Providing a platform for badminton lovers.

Xsport   Fitness Club

Civilizing the spirit, savaging the physique

Big Ball   Club

Organizing   the Big Ball activities


Xing   Zhong Seminar

Keeping pace   with the new era


Assembling   makers and participating in innovation and entrepreneurship activities

Isomer   English Club

Promoting   English language skills

Astronomy   Club

Spreading   astronomy knowledges

Model United Nation Club

Practice tolerance and live   together in peace with one another as good neighbors.


Art Ensemble

Including choir, instrumental music, dance   and drama

Chinese   Classics Club

Experiencing Chinese cultural heritage