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Prof. Paul Bailey: Education, Reform and Gender in Early Twentieth Century China (a series of lectures)

09/21/2016 - 09:15
Room 125, Arts & Science Building, International Campus

Lecturer:Prof. Paul Bailey


Lecture One

The 'Woman Question' and Education in the late Qing

Date: 9:15-12:00, September 21   


Lecture Two

Overseas Study and the Transgression of Gender Space: Chinese Female Students in Japan and the 1911 Revolution

Date: 9:15-12:00, September 23   


Lecture Three

'Behavioral Modernization' and Women's Education in Early Republican China

Date: 13:30-16:45, September 23   


Lecture Four

‘Labor is Sacred’: The Chinese Work-Study Experiment in France 1912-1921

Date: 9:15-12:00, September 27