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The conference progress

  1. Approval given by the Labor Union of ZJU for the 1st ICFC.
  2. First meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the ICFC held and initial arrangements made.
  3. Second meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the ICFC held. Issues related to the election of representatives and the selection of candidates resolved.
  4. Delegation 1 formed.
  5. Delegation 2 and Delegation 3 formed.
  6. Selection of the Executive Committee of the ICFC finalized by delegations. Delegations’ opinions and suggestions on the documents to be reviewed by the ICFC collected.
  7. The shortlist of candidates for the Executive Committee members discussed and determined.
  8. The Preparatory Meeting of the Congress and the 1st ICFC to be held.
  9. The 1st Executive Committee Meeting on the Campus to be held and the leaders of the Committee to be elected.

About ICFC

What is the International Campus Faculty Congress?

  • The International Campus Faculty Congress (ICFC) is the fundamental democratic platform for enabling the faculty and staff to participate in Campus governance and oversight as required by national law. It is an important part of the International Campus governance system.

What are the functions of the International Campus Faculty Congress?

  • 1Listen to and review the reports on the development plan of the Campus, the development of academic disciplines, and proposed major reforms at the Campus level. Listen to the work reports and put forward opinions and suggestions.

    2Discuss and give approval to measures regarding welfare and relevant issues as raised by the Campus and directly related to the interests of the faculty and staff.

    3Participate in the evaluation of administrative leaders. The opinions of the ICFC shall be solicited with regard to the appointment of key administrators.

    4Give suggestions regarding the work of the Campus; supervise the implementation of the rules and regulations.

    5Discuss other issues agreed by the Campus and the Labor Union.

Who could be the representatives of the ICFC?

  • Representatives should be full-time faculty and staff members and:

    1recognize China’s politics and the leadership of the CPC; have a good moral character;

    2care about the development of the Campus and have a strong sense of justice and responsibility;

    3have a strong sense of democracy;

    4keep in close touch with other faculty and staff members, and reflect and represent their opinions;

    5actively participate in the activities of the ICFC.

How will the representatives be elected?

  • The representatives of the 1st ICFC will be directly elected by the faculty and staff in the electoral units, consisting of ZJE, ZJUI, ZIBS, administrative offices (as a unit), and the Residential College.

What is a delegation to the International Campus Faculty Congress?

  • Three delegations will be formed in the 1st ICFC based on the electoral units and a leader will be selected for each delegation.

What are the obligations of the representatives?

  • 1Improve participation in democratic management.

    2Actively participate in the activities of the ICFC, and complete the tasks assigned by the Congress.

    3Be fair and upright; and reflect the opinions and demands of other faculty and staff members.

    4Inform other faculty and staff members of the work of the ICFC and be open to comments and oversight.

    5Follow ZJU’s rules and regulations.

What are the rights of representatives?

  • 1Have the right to vote, be elected, and vote at the Faculty Congress.

    2Give opinions and make suggestions at the Congress.

    3Make a proposal, and oversee the progress of the proposal.

    4Make comments and suggestions regarding the work of the ICFC, and supervise the implementation of the resolutions.

    5Reflect the opinions and concerns of faculty and staff to the leaders of the Institute or department.

    6Appeal to a higher authority when the performance of their duties is obstructed.