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Electrical engineering is a multifaceted discipline that over the last century has produced an astounding progression of technological innovations that have shaped virtually every aspect of modern life.
By introducing and integrating the advanced educational resources of Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh, we will build a new type of biomedical education base that focuses on fostering in students
By introducing advanced educational resources of the University of Edinburgh and integrating the advantaged disciplines such as mathematics,computer science, biology and basic medicine of Zhejiang University, we build a new type of biomedical education that focuses on combining big data at macro...
Computer Engineering at Illinois focuses on the development of vital computing technologies, ranging from chips to computers to networks to programming tools to key algorithms for building exciting applications.
The educational objectives for the Mechanical Engineering program reflect the importance placed on successful professional practice, the ability to pursue advanced degrees, the assumption of professional and societal leadership roles, and a commitment to life-long learning.
Successfully enter the civil and environmental engineering profession as practicing engineers and consultants with prominent companies and organizations in diverse areas that include structural, transportation, geotechnical, materials, environmental, and hydrologic engineering; construction...