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UIUC Conducted the First Teaching Quality Assessment at ZJUI


From April 23th to 26th, 2017, UIUC conducted the first teaching quality assessment at ZJUI. The assessment team members were Professor Kevin Pitts, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Professor Laura Hahn, Director of the Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education, Professor Kelly Ritter, Director of the Undergraduate Rhetoric Program, Mr. William Dick, Assistant Dean for Research and ZJUI Managing Director, and Professor Jonathan Makela, Director of Academic Affairs, UIUC-ZJU Partnership.

The team assessed five courses including four courses given by five UIUC teachers and one course given by an instructor from ZJU. The assessment was carried out mainly through classroom visits, student input, teacher interaction, and round-table discussions with all ZJUI faculty. The assessment team concluded that, although in-class teacher-student interactions could be improved, the overall teaching quality at ZJUI is at the same level as seen at UIUC.

To ensure the quality of undergraduate students’ education experience at ZJUI, UIUC will carry out teaching quality assessment on a regular basis.