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Professor K. C. Ting was appointed as Vice Dean of International Campus


“In 1989, I was attached to Zhejiang University. Today I officially join Zhejiang University, and open the second chapter of my life,” Professor K.C. Ting said. On January 18th, at International Campus caucus, Professor K. C. Ting who recently joined International Campus promised in his inaugural speech he would fully utilize individual academic and administrative experience accumulated from the work in American universities, try his best to do the job and contribute to the development of International Campus.



Vice Executive President and Dean of International Campus Professor Song Yonghua, on behalf of Zhejiang University, congratulated to Professor K. C. Ting on his appointment as Vice Dean of International Campus. Professor Song YongHua said, in accordance with the ‘three-step’ strategy to build a world-class university, the international strategy was one of the most important strategic plans for Zhejiang University. International Campus was not only a vital part of Zhejiang University’s international construction, but a significant action to fully integrate into the international system. Zhejiang University paid high attention to the construction and development of International Campus, especially its talent team construction. Professor K. C. Ting had served as department director in four high-level U.S. universities, and his experiences could be precious wealth for our International Campus. Professor Song Yonghua wished that Professor K. C. Ting could exert his experience and ability, ‘roll up sleeves to work hard’. Simultaneously, Professor Song Yonghua required all the faculty and staff of International Campus to strongly support the work of Professor K. C. Ting, as well as learn his advanced experience and ideas from work.


Then Vice President and Executive Vice Dean of International Campus Professor Ying Yibin, on behalf of International Campus, welcomed the join of Prof K. C. Ting and said it was encouraging to have such a modest scholar and administrator with high academic reputation and excellent administrative ability. Professor Ying Yibin expressed his hope that Professor K. C. Ting could bring in western advanced education ideas, put forward valuable suggestions on International Campus development after knowning more about Chinese higher education, Zhejiang University and International Campus, as well as strive to achieve innovation.


Assistant President and Vice Dean of International Campus Professor Fu Qiang hosted the caucus and read the decision of Zhejiang University on the appointment of Professor K. C. Ting as Vice Dean of International Campus. Directors from each department and institute attended the caucus.

Resume of Professor K. C Ting


Professor K. C. Ting is a world-renowned agricultural engineer. After graduation from Taiwan University in 1972, he continued his study and then worked in the U.S. Professor K. C. Ting successively served as department director in the University of Houston, Rutgers University, the Ohio State University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign so that he had rich academic and administrative experience as well as a deep knowledge of operating mechanism of American universities especially about how to recruit and evaluate faculties and improve faculties’ teaching and research skills.