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International Campus Held Its First Open Meeting


On March 14th, 2017, International Campus held its first ever Open Meeting at Multi-purpose Hall in Residential College. Professor Song Yonghua, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University (ZJU) and Dean of International Campus conducted the meeting and made a state of the Campus report. Professor Ying Yibin, Vice President of ZJU and Executive Vice Dean of International Campus, Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of ZJU and Vice Dean of International Campus, and Professor K.C. Ting, Vice Dean of International Campus, together with Chinese and foreign students, faculty and staff, attended the meeting. 

After a brief introduction of Zhejiang University, Professor Song Yonghua pointed out that, in 2016, centering around the ‘4S’ (strategic, substantial, sustainable and service-oriented) internationalization development strategy of Zhejiang University, International Campus welcomed its first freshman class and was off to a very good start. The ZJU-UoE Joint Institute and ZJU-UIUC Joint Institute were able to successfully achieve a series of critical steps in the same year; including obtaining government approval for establishing the institutes, completing student admission and enrollment processes, and opening the campus officially. The campus has brought in world-class scholars to join its faculty. Meanwhile, the campus also initiatively formed a talent-training mode which meets the international standards. The facilities and environment on and surrounding the campus have been improving continuously. Looking to the future, Professor Song stated that the campus priorities would include increase of student enrollment and faculty size, promotion of collaborative education, enhancement of international cooperation, and completion of campus construction. He also introduced the development plan of International Campus and gave a brief description of the development project in the neighboring areas of the campus planned by Haining municipal government. Following his presentation, Professor Song entertained several questions, from the attendees, about the new Philosophy, Mathematics, and Economics (PME) program for international undergraduate students, Program of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership (PIEGL) for international master students, and opportunities for training students’ social skills. 

Open meeting will continue to be an important form for International Campus to communicate campus highlights to all students, faculty and staff. It will be held in the future on a regular basis.