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International Campus Held the 2017 Work Meeting


On March 15th, 2017, International Campus held the 2017 Work Meeting at Multi-purpose Hall, Residential College. The meeting summarized the progress of work in 2016 and emphasized the priorities in 2017. Professor Song Yonghua, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University (ZJU) and Dean of International Campus, Professor Ying Yibin, Vice President of ZJU and Executive Vice Dean of International Campus, Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of ZJU and Vice Dean of International Campus attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting was chaired by Professor Fu Qiang.

After a brief overview of the work of year 2016, Professor Ying Yibin emphasized that providing first-class education and establishing a first-class university was the foundation and top priority of our Campus; therefore, we should all make contributions to the development of International Campus. 

Professor Fu Qiang announced a full deployment of the 2017 Party work of the Campus. He emphasized that we should firmly grasp the direction of a socialist university with Chinese characteristics. 

Professor Song Yonghua affirmed the work of Year 2016 and provided encouragement for the work of Year 2017. He pointed out that we should further explore our institutional system, pay more attention to people, and further strengthen the capability to build an International Campus to the satisfaction of our Party and people. 

Professor K. C. Ting, Vice Dean of International Campus and other administrators were also in attendance.