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2018 Inauguration Ceremony for New ZJU Students


All freshmen from International Campus, Zhejiang University attended the inauguration ceremony for new students in the stadium on Zijingang Campus in the evening of August 24, 2018. The leaders of Zhejiang University (Zou Xiaodong, Wu Zhaohui, Zheng Qiang, Luo Jianhong, Zhang Hongjian, Zhu Shiqiang, Ye Min and He Lianzhen), academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering (Ba Denian, Gong Xianyi, Zhu Weiqiu, Yang Huayong and Zhu Lizhong) and Wang Chongming, senior professor of liberal arts, attended the ceremony and presented freshman representatives with university logo pins. 

The new students from International Campus wore ceremonial attires and demonstrated their courage to lead by holding up banners showing “serving people worldwide as our duty” and “Do the Best, Show the Best”.


President Wu Zhaohui delivered a welcome speech at the ceremony, emphasizing that the key to succeeding in the transition from high school to college is to develop self-initiated learning ability. He hoped that, through self-initiated learning, students would gain a wide range of knowledge, broaden their horizons, deepen their understandings and enrich their experiences. They would also acquire the ability to predict the future, the creativity to integrate resources, and the courage to lead; as well as cultivate a well-rounded virtue, a composed temperament, an open and inclusive mind, and a firm and resolute character, so as to develop a sound personality to form an instinct for introspection, the consciousness to care for life, and the will to serve the society.

Freshmen wore university logo pins, becoming proud students of Zhejiang University.


The ceremony concluded with the beautiful melody of Zhejiang University anthem, with all teachers and students singing the song together.