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New Students Welcome Ceremonies of ZJE and ZJUI


New students welcome ceremonies of ZJE and ZJUI were held on September 15 on the International Campus to welcome the Class of 2022.

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Professor He Lianzhen, Vice President of Zhejiang University and Dean of International Campus, Fu Qiang, Assistant President of Zhejiang University and Secretary of Party Working Committee of International Campus, Professor K.C. Ting, Vice Dean of International Campus, directors from Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, and Office of Planning and Financial Affairs, leaders and representatives of faculty members from ZJE and ZJUI, and guests from UoE and UIUC attended the ceremonies.

Both ceremonies were full of excitement with their respective characteristics.


At the ZJE event, the traditional wall of hand prints activity preceded the ceremony. Faculty members and students left their hand prints in different colors, wishing all the best to the Institute. Freshmen learned the basics of Scottish folk dance with the help from faculty members and senior students, having a great experience of a different culture. 


Campus and Institute leaders presented books to freshman representatives, hoping the freshmen will inherit the spirit of Zhejiang University, combine western knowledge and eastern practice, and make the most of the resources of University of Edinburgh and Zhejiang University to develop themselves and give back to the society.


Excellent performances by freshmen and senior students at the ZJUI ceremony. 


Students, parents and teachers writing each other messages to commemorate the occasion.


The moving scenes of students presenting their parents with the Institute commemorative pins and exchanging letters.

Speeches by Institute leaders, faculty representatives, and students helped freshmen to know more about the Campus and the Joint Institutes.


The welcome ceremonies marked the end of the orientation for freshmen, who are embarking on a new college journey.

We wish all the freshmen every success on the International Campus.