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Administrators Meeting on International Campus, Zhejiang University


An Administrators Meeting was held on International Campus, Zhejiang University (ZJU) on the morning of October 19, 2018 to announce the establishment of International Business School, ZJU, and appointments of new Campus administrators. Professor He Lianzhen, Vice President of ZJU and Dean of International Campus, addressed the meeting. Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of ZJU and Vice Dean of International Campus, presided over the meeting.

The announcements were read by Professor He. International Business School, ZJU was officially established. Ms. Wang Fang, Professor Ben Shenglin, and Professor Qu Haidong were appointed Assistant Dean of International Campus, ZJU, Dean of International Business School, ZJU, and Vice Dean of International Business School, ZJU, respectively. Ms. Wang Fang was also appointed as Member of the Party Working Committee of International Campus, ZJU. Professor He stressed that ZJU attaches great importance to the development of International Campus. These appointments demonstrate the University's support for further improving the scale and quality of International Campus and strengthening the synergy of the Campus and the local government. Professor He congratulated the newly appointed administrators and encouraged them to promote collaborations and fulfill responsibilities with high standards. They are expected to explore new frontiers in advancing the goals of International Campus.

The newly appointed administrators voiced their commitments that they would learn more about their new responsibilities and exercise innovation when taking part in the development of International Campus.On behalf of the Campus leaders, Professor Fu strongly supported the decisions on the establishment of International Business School, ZJU, and the appointments of the new administrators. He pointed out that the newly appointed administrators should apply the best administrative practices in advancing the University’s first-class goal and adapt quickly to their new positions. They need to dedicate themselves to move forward the University's first-class construction, serve the local innovative development, and establish a sustainable development mechanism. Professor Fu asked all International Campus administrators to work together in furthering the development of the Campus.Key administrators were also present at the meeting.