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Partnership in Creating “Famous City, Famous Campus”


Mr. Zhu Jianjun, Secretary of Haining Municipal Party Committee, made an invited presentation entitled “Seeking Truth and Pursuing Innovation, Surging Ahead with the Tide” in a colloquium, as a lecture in an elective Political Science course, in the evening of November 8th. Professor He Lianzhen, Vice President and Dean of International Campus, ZJU attended the lecture. Professor Fu Qiang, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice Dean of International Campus, ZJU presided over the colloquium. 

Mr. Zhu delivered the lecture in three parts: (1) an overview of the splendid history, beautiful environment, enduring civilization, city development, and the transport network of Haining City, (2) the milestones of the cooperation between ZJU and Haining City, and (3) the establishment of the Juan Lake International Science Park and the strategic partnership with Zhejiang University in the future. He gave a thorough and comprehensive overview of the great success that Haining has achieved in the past four decades, mapping out a prosperous blueprint of Haining and Haining‘s dedication to surge ahead with the tide.

Mr. Zhu stated that, with the Strategic Cooperation Committee as the framework,  Haining will provide full support to meet the needs in the development of International Campus. He is confident that, with joint efforts, Zhejiang University and Haining will surely be able to create a common prosperous future in the form of “famous city, famous campus.”

Professor Fu pointed out in his speech that, with the central government’s high expectation on Zhejiang Province, International Campus and Haining City should continue to brave ahead with the courage and spirit of innovation. All teachers and students should continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication and bear the responsibility in the pioneering journey of International Campus. Persisting on the “first-class” goals and standards, International Campus should strive to rise to the ranks of top universities in the world. By integrating the best practices of the Eastern and Western education models, International Campus is committed to serving the social, economic, and cultural advancement of Haining and Zhejiang Province.

Approximately 400 attendees participated in the event including all Party Members, key administrators, and 2018 first year and senior undergraduate students who are taking the Political Science as an elective course.