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Zhejiang University and Ant Financial Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement


Zhejiang University is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Ant Financial Holdings – the global fintech leader. The partnership covers a wide range of areas of collaboration, including the establishment of a joint fintech research center and fintech lab, education and training programs, and a smart campus initiative.

“The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marks a new starting point for academic-corporate collaboration for both organizations. We are in the midst of radical change, where new technologies have brought exponential change to the finance industry and the services it provides. I hope That the two partners will use this unique project as a platform to promote cooperation, constantly propose new ideas and new mechanisms, and continuously produce new and iconic achievements, “said Dr. Wu Zhaohui, President of Zhejiang University.


This is a response to the new challenges, and opportunities, in globalization and the digital economy. The ZJU-Ant Financial partnership provides solutions for global governance, technological innovation, new business models, education and sustainable development in the era of the digital economy. As an integral part of the partnership, the two parties will establish the Zhejiang University Financial Technology Research Center, destined to become the global benchmark for digital finance. 

In support of innovation and development, this collaborative platform will promote science and technology innovation contests, encouraging university students to creatively innovate in science and technology and help Zhejiang University further excel its expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship. The cultivation of scientific and technological talents, in The service of the digital economy, is also the focus of cooperation between the two parties. It establishes joint doctoral programs and post-doctoral fellowships in the field of digital finance and financial technology and jointly trains students of Zhejiang University through the “Ant Financial Holdings -Zhejiang University Internship Base”. 

Jing Xiandong, Chairman and CEO of Ant Financial Holdings reinforced the importance of this agreement, through which “…both parties seek to establish an industry-university-research center and deepen learning and training cooperation, including the promotion of financial technology standards and The establishing Of a unique internship program. Looking towards the future, the two sides will jointly promote the creation of smart campuses, further enhancing the impact of academic-corporate collaboration.”


Zhejiang University is among a small number of prestigious universities worldwide with strategic cooperation with Ant Financial, which includes Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Berkeley University. The Zhejiang University International Business School and its Academy of Internet Finance are proud to be an important part of this strategic Partnership.