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The International Campus Signed the Cooperation Agreement with CCI (China) to Build the “iCampus” Model Together


On the afternoon of 24 October, the strategic cooperation and donation ceremony between Zhejiang University International Campus and City Cloud Technology (China) Co. Ltd was held in Qiushi Academy, International Campus, ZJU. The International Campus and CCI (China) will further strengthen cooperation, give full play to their advantages and resources to develop information technology on the International Campus, and work together to build the “iCampus”.


Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of Zhejiang University, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of the International Campus, and Ms Jiang Yi, founder and CEO of CCI (China), attended the ceremony and signed the cooperation agreement.


Professor Fu, on behalf of the International Campus, expressed his gratitude to CCI (China) for its support. He said that both the International Campus and CCI (China) have close ties with Zhejiang University, and have a lot in common in terms of entrepreneurship, innovative ideas, and international vision. He hoped that in the next stage, the two sides could combine the internationalization background of CCI (China) with the internationalization concept of the International Campus, in order to continue to explore the intelligent campus model and combine informatization with campus management. Meanwhile, for the long term, both sides need to promote cooperation among industry, universities, and research institutes, and make unique contributions to higher education in China and the world.


Looking forward to furthering cooperation with the International Campus, Ms Jiang said that CCI (China) had always cherished the original objective of “originating from the alma mater and giving back to the alma mater”, hoping to contribute the strength of alumni enterprises to the development of the alma mater. She also expected that, with joint efforts on both sides, a unique cooperation model that provided more services to students, faculties, and alumni worldwide in the future could be established. The International Campus would be a global model of a higher education intelligent campus.


In this cooperation effort, CCI (China) will give full play to its technical advantages in the field of urban Internet, exploring the integrated development of urban Internet and the intelligent campus, and jointly create an internationalized iCampus model with the International Campus. According to the agreement, CCI (China) will donate information-based hardware and software equipment to the International Campus for a demonstration of intelligent campus design.


Mr Chen Wenzhi, Director of the Information and Technology Center of Zhejiang University, said that the establishing of the International Campus as an intelligent campus is an important part of Zhejiang University information technology development. The cooperation of the International Campus and CCI (China) will further exploit their advantages in internationalization and modernization, resulting in a benchmark cooperation effort in China.


Mr Yu Qiang, Chief Technical Officer of CCI (China), and other technical experts attended the ceremony and discussed the next steps in the development of an international intelligent campus.

Article and Photography: Ping Xia

Correspondent: Mengjiao Zhong

Translation: Mengjiao Zhong

Executive Editor: Shuaiyin Liu