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The 5th Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition Opened in Haining and Established the Entrepreneurial Elites Circle


Genetic cancer drugs, tracking unmanned logistics robots, new three-dimensional solid-state lidar, an artificial intelligence chip based on ASIC technology: they all featured in the 5th Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition and the Invitational Tournament for Global Prestigious Universities, held on November 11, 2019.

Projects in this competition have previously achieved breakthroughs and innovations in many fields, such as the digital economy, drug R&D, top platform incubation, and have attracted worldwide attention.

The competition used the on-the-spot roadshow scoring system, with well-known investors, experts, and scholars from Softbank Corp. Capital, SwissCap, Plug and Play China, Yinxinggu Capital, Dachen Venture Capital, Yinjiang Incubator, CICC Capital, Zhejiang University School of Management as judges of the competition. The eight professional judges in this roadshow scored according to market prospects, commercial value, core competitiveness, real-life  situation, and on-the-spot performance. A new product, nano-spherical atomic force microscopic tip used in materials semiconductors and biomedicine, eventually won the first prize in this competition. The product solved the critical challenge of fabricating a nanosphere precisely on an AFM probe and successfully achieved a resolution 10 times better than existing products. This project also presented a clear business model with good sustainability.

Eyes of the Sky-Industrial Drone Inspection, Advanced General Purpose Reservoir Simulation Software for Oil E&P Industry, Technology for Invasive Medical Devices won the second prize. Intelligent New Drug Screening and Synthetic System, Sensius-Solution to Cancer thermal ablation, ASIC technology-based AI Chip, Nano Control-Nano Controlled particle separator for environmental protection and industrial dust removal, Tracking Unmanned Logistics Robot, and Mobio Interactive, won the third prize. A total of 10 projects won awards.

‘In recent years, students and alumni of Zhejiang University have achieved fruitful results in international cooperation in various fields, which are inseparable from the enthusiastic participation and strong support of alumni and alumni associations all over the world.’ Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of Zhejiang University, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of the International Campus, said that ZJU will continue to work closely with Haining Municipal Government and give full play to the advantages of both sides. Through this competition, more entrepreneurial elites from domestic and foreign prestigious universities gather together, which contributes to Zhejiang University and Haining.


It is reported that Haining, as the county in northern Zhejiang with the strongest economy, has 13 listed enterprises on the main board and 26 new over-the-counter market listed enterprises. Haining has positive advantages in terms of location, transportation, and industrial infrastructure. Haining’s entrepreneurial innovation environment attracts more talents and projects by the pursuit of a series of policies that give the greatest support to local enterprises. In addition, as the venue of the 5th Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition and the Invitational Tournament for Global Prestigious Universities, Haining is accelerating the bringing together of high-end talents along with the best policy and service, to achieve the development vision of being ‘ecological, intelligent, international, high-end’. At present, a number of international hotels, schools, neighborhoods, medical institutions have been introduced to Haining. After these projects are completed, the business situation of Haining will be further improved.


As an annual national entrepreneurial event, Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition has previously been successfully held four times, with more than 1,000 activities held, more than 1,600 projects signed up, financing of more than 10 billion yuan in total, and the total project valuation of more than 250 billion yuan. According to the organizers, the competition’s award-winning projects can take advantage of the high-quality industrial policies and support services available in Haining.

Source: Hangzhou Website

Reporter: Yuan Zheng

Translation: Yue Ren