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ZJU Party Secretary Ren Shaobo Visited the International Campus


On the afternoon of December 8, ZJU Party Secretary Ren Shaobo led a delegation to the International Campus to review the Campus’s overall research, education, and development status.

Professor Ren and the delegation visited the ZJE and ZJUI, as well as the research labs in ZJE, and the design for manufacturability lab, the innovation design lab, and the innovation lab for robotics in ZJUI. They also communicated with the faculty and students from home and overseas during this visit, and held a discussion, hearing the work report on the development of the International Campus.

Professor Ren fully recognized the accomplishments achieved by the Campus. He noted that the International Campus has laid a solid foundation for becoming a high-level operation, capable of future innovation and development. He also expressed his gratitude to the Campus faculty and staff for their dedication in the construction and development of the International Campus. Professor Ren pointed out that to achieve sustainable development in the long term, the International Campus should ensure that the direction of development is clear, the faculty and staff are stable, and resources are abundant.

Professor Ren stated the development requirement from four perspectives. Firstly, the International Campus should further strengthen its foundation in high-quality education and firmly grasp the importance of talent cultivation and the key of building a good faculty team. Secondly, it should also continue to expand the scale of the campus’ international cooperation, including basic disciplines, and intensify scientific research and innovation. Thirdly, Professor Ren emphasized that in accordance with the requirement of being a model of international education cooperation, the International Campus should promote  institutional innovation and set an example for Zhejiang University. Finally, he stressed the importance of discipline and rules. The International Campus should become an important base for training a team of leaders.

Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of ZJU, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the International Campus, and Vice Dean of the International Campus, Zhuge Yang and Professor Wang Yufen Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the International Campus, and other leaders of the International Campus, and the representatives of the Institutes joined the visit. 

Visiting the research labs in ZJE 

Visiting the teaching labs in ZJUI


A photo taken with ZJUI students who were conducting a robotic experiment

Listening to the report


Article: Yanqing Zhang

Photography: Zhiguo Ye

Translation: Shuaiyin Liu