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The Foundation Stone Ceremony of the ‘International Mansion’ International Talent Community Project


On the morning of December 26, the ‘International Mansion’ International Talent Community project, jointly established by Zhejiang University and Haining Municipal Government, held a foundation stone ceremony. Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of Zhejiang University, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of the International Campus, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.


The ‘International Mansion’ International Talent Community is an important collaborative venture between Zhejiang University and Haining Municipal Government. The Community is located at the northwest corner of the International Campus, covering an area of 133,000 square meters, with a total construction area of approximately 322,000 square meters, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


On behalf of the International Campus, Professor Fu conveyed his congratulations on the start of the construction of the ‘International Mansion’ project and expressed his gratitude to Haining Municipal Government. He said that the key to the campus’s development lay in faculty and staff, and the key to Haining’s development lay in high-quality talents. The ‘International Mansion’ International Talent Community will complement the International Campus and the International Science and Technology City; this attractive residential development will provide a haven of well-being for our high-level talents. It is believed that more outstanding talents will come to Haining, integrate into Haining, and contribute to higher education and social development.


At the ceremony, Professor Fu, Mr Wang Jiankun, Deputy Secretary of the Haining Municipal Party Committee, Peng Linjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Haining Municipal Party Committee, Organization Minister, and other local leaders in Haining Municipal Government, leaders of the construction corporation, together with Professor Li Er-ping, the representative of high-level talents on the International Campus and Dean of ZJUI, laid the foundation stone for the ‘International Mansion’ project. 180 representatives from the faculty and staff on the International Campus, representatives from Haining government departments, representatives from the construction corporation, the supervision department, and the service department attended the ceremony.


The ‘International Mansion’ International Talent Community will reportedly have different types of accommodation, e.g. high- and low-rise, townhouse, etc. The architectural style is British neoclassical, which matches the style of the International Campus. After the construction is completed, about 900 sets will be used as apartments and houses for faculty and staff of Zhejiang University.







Article: Ping Xia

Photograph: Ping Xia & Lichao Yang

Some pictures are provided by the property

Translation: Shuaiyin Liu