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Summer Vacation Special Security Inspections Organized by the International Campus and Meeting on Safety and Stability Issues Held


In order to effectively ensure the Campus security and stability under epidemic prevention and control requirements, on the morning of July 15 the International Campus organized a special security inspection. A meeting was held afterwards to report on security and stability affairs.

The inspection group focused on the prevention of flood, typhoon, and fire,  laboratory safety, and construction site safety. The group inspected the flood and typhoon prevention material warehouse, the Campus’ monitoring center, the Residential Colleges, the scientific research labs, animal house, and the research platform construction site of the Joint Innovation Center. According to the requirements of the annual safety and stability work document, the relevant ledgers of each department were checked.

After the on-site inspection, the Committee for Campus Security and Stability held a meeting to report on the Campus security and stability works of the 2020 spring and summer semester. In the meeting, the highlights of ZJUs security and stability meeting were conveyed; security and stability affairs during the summer vacation and at the beginning of next semester under the epidemic prevention and control requirements were discussed and arranged. It was emphasized that all departments should fully appreciate the severity of the situation regarding Campus security and stability, increase awareness, and improve implementation of their responsibilities. The task of keeping the Campus safe is of utmost importance.


Pan Ningwu