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Taking on Social Responsibility, and Honor the Alma Mater


On the morning of June 22 a meeting was held on the International Campus attended by Shi Jihong, chairman of the Newcomer Corporation and vice president of the Jiaxing Alumni Association of Zhejiang University, and representatives of the graduating Class of 2020. Professor Fu Qiang, the Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of the International Campus welcomed Shi Jihong, and Zhuge Yang, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Working Committee of the International Campus hosted the meeting.

Newcomer Corporation has long been committed to innovation in the luggage industry and to providing platform services. Its aim is to become an international large-scale luggage company with world-class independent brands and an innovator and leader with multi-brand global operations. During the exchange with the graduate representatives, Shi Jihong shared his personal entrepreneurial history and briefly introduced the development background of the Newcomer Corporation, product characteristics, and the corporation’s operational model. In particular, he mentioned that, from its inception, a company embodies public welfare attributes, and its social responsibility lies in carrying out public welfare activities. He also encouraged the graduate representatives to take on social responsibility in the future, honor their alma mater, and be of service to society. As a result of the exchange, the graduate representatives gained a deeper understanding of the motto of ZJU, Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation, as well as an appreciation of the alumni’s deep feelings of gratitude towards society and their alma mater.

Shi Jihong presented the graduates with products customized by the Newcomer Corporation for the first class of graduates on the International Campus, and wished them a bright future.



Department and Advancement and Development

Article and Photography: Kaiyue Zhao