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“Learn to Research, Enjoy Research” – Report on the Meeting themed Postgraduate Academic Standards and Academic Innovation Held on the International Campus, ZJU


With the support from the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang University in 2020, the number of postgraduate students and programs in the International Campus, Zhejiang University has increased significantly. This year, accounting for 34% of the total number of new students, the International Campus has enrolled a number of 339 postgraduates. It is an increase of 185% comparing to the previous years and they are also the first batch of full-time master students in China. The International Campus is gradually shifting its focus from undergraduate teaching to a multi-level training structure with equal emphasis on undergraduate and master programs.

The International Campus pays tremendous attention to the cultivation of postgraduate students. A series of start-up education activities have been specially arranged starting from September to October. To establish academic norms and stimulate innovative thinking in new postgraduate students, the campus had specially invited Prof. OUYANG Hongwei, the Vice Dean of the International Campus to give a speech entitled “Academic Norms and Academic Innovation” on 21 September. All postgraduate students of the 2020 batch had participated and listened to the talk in the Campus’s Multifunctional Hall. 



Starting from topics such as how to look at research and how to initiate scientific research, Prof. OUYANG Hongwei had vividly demonstrated the methods and ideas on the innovation of scientific research by using and combining multiple innovative cases as examples. He pointed out that “research is the best way of living, crossing-over is the best mode of evolution”. He hopes that students can learn to do research, enjoy doing research and be a happy scientific researcher. In addition, Prof. Hongwei OUYANG had also emphasized on the importance of complying the academic standards and talked about the submission process in the scientific field. 



During the interactive session, Prof. OUYANG Hongwei provided detailed answers to the questions raised by the students, including the effectiveness of medical treatments, the determination of the starting point in research, the choice in scientific research direction etc. He stressed that it is because there are still many unsolved puzzles in a field, it is therefore meaningful to work for it. He encouraged students to think ahead, be brave to challenge, hone their abilities in practice and work hard towards their dreams. 

Prof. WANG Yufen, the Deputy Secretary of the International Campus and the Secretary of the Party Working Committee, along with other faculty members, the Residential College and all postgraduate tutors also attended the meeting.

Provided by the Residential College

Article: ZHANG Wenjia, HUANG Xujing

Photography: HUANG Xujing

Translation: Winnie