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Good News!| WU Hang, Counselor on the IC, Won First Prize in the National College Counselor Quality and Ability Competition


December 31 saw the final of the 8th National College Counselor Quality and Ability Competition, which was held in Zhejiang University. WU Hang, counselor on the International Campus, stood out from contestants selected by universities across the country and won the first prize! This is the first time that a counselor from ZJU has won this honor.

Launched in 2018, the biennial competition is sponsored by the Department of Moral Education of MOE. The two-day competition included three parts: written test, case analysis, and heart-to-heart talk. With thorough theoretical knowledge, solid professional capability, and a self-assured performance, WU Hang gained consistent high praise and recognition from the experts, judges, and the audience, and eventually won first prize in the final.

WU Hang, who is Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the International Campus and Director of the Office of Student Affairs of ZJU-UIUC Institute, joined the International Campus in May 2016. He has been involved in the progress of the first batch of undergraduates on Campus from admission to graduation. The rate of students going on to further study has reached 96.4%.

He has participated in the innovation of students’ moral education within the high-level Sino-foreign cooperative education model of the International Campus, and has accumulated rich working experience in the development of the students’ moral education system with international characteristics, Zhejiang University values, and Red Boat Spirit.

After the competition he said that his work experience on the International Campus has raised his political consciousness, broadened his international vision, and enhanced his comprehensive ability. The supportive educational atmosphere of the Campus has helped him greatly in his work.


Article:XIA Ping & WU Hang

Translation:CHEN Yinuo