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2016 Institute of China Studies Opening Ceremony


Institute of China Studies has held its 2016 opening ceremony at the Art & Science Building Atrium. Guests attending the ceremony are: Executive vice president of Zhejiang University and Dean of International Campus Song Yonghua, Vice president of Zhejiang University and Executive Associate Dean of International Campus Yingyibin, Assistant President and Associate Dean of International Campus Fu Qiang, Director of Institute of China Studies Fan Jieping, Vice Dean of International College Liu Hui, Vice Dean of College of Media and International Culture Wei Lu, Vice Dean of School of International Studies Fang Fan, Vice Dean of Residential College Wang Yufen. Besides, Faculties of Master of China Studies Program and Class of 2016 attended the ceremony.



Since 2010, Master of China Studies Program has recruited more than 350 students from over 50 countries. This year, 41 international students from 14 countries are joining the program at Haining International Campus. For the following one to two years, international students will start their academic journey on politics, economy, history and sociology, at the same time promoting Chinese linguistic proficiency level.



Song, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University and Dean of International Campus, highlighted the importance of learning contemporary China under the globalization context.


Zhejiang University, one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in China, provides highly qualified instructional resources, multi-cultural academic learning environment and interdisciplinary curricula for students to gain in-depth understanding about China.

Fan, Director of Institute of China Studies, pointed out the significance of outdoor field trips where students gain first-hand experience about China and collect original data for researches.


Lastly, four faculties introduced their research dimension and course syllabus to students. Brian Lee, student of 2015, shared his experience living and studying in China. Also, David Carron, student of 2016, shared his goal of learning and understand China from a outsiders’ perspective.