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International Campus Freshmen Attended the Opening Ceremony at Zijingang Campus


On the afternoon of September 11, the freshmen of the International Campus, Zhejiang University(ZJU) arrived at Zijingang Campus to attend the opening ceremony for undergraduate students 2016. University officials including ZJU President Wu Zhaohui greeted the students from Haining and took group photos with them.

Students took a group photo with university officials.

Before the ceremony, the freshmen visited ZJU’s university history museum. They were impressed by ZJU’s century-old history, profound culture and its commitment to “seeking truth”.

Students visited ZJU’s university history museum.

Li Heyuan, freshman from ZJU-UIUC Institute, said that the visit to the museum made him feel proud of ZJU’s academic achievement. Zhang Yichi, freshman from ZJU-UoE Institute, noted that Zhejiang University had always been her dream school. She felt happy that her dream finally came true. The splendid history of ZJU spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries encouraged her to fully develop her potential and contribute to the University in the future, she said.

At 7 p.m., the freshmen attended the opening ceremony for undergraduate students 2016.

A delegation from UIUC attended the ceremony.

ZJU President Wu Zhaohui addressed the opening ceremony, emphasizing on “learning for the future”. Learning at the university is a stairway to the future, he said. Students can only adapt themselves to the fast-changing world if they understand how to learn. Zhejiang University has a well-reputed educational tradition and a pioneering spirit. In recent years, the University has continued to deepen the educational reform, and to form the “four-in-one” teaching model that features “to inculcate knowledge, to cultivate abilities, to improve qualities and to shape personalities”, with the aim to cultivate future international leaders with an innovative mind. ZJU will spare no effort in creating the best possible learning conditions and student-friendly ecology to develop an excellent environment for the students’ healthy development. To conclude, President Wu hoped that the students could grasp the learning opportunity at ZJU and use this platform well, and that their learning experience would be more fruitful, profound, effective and wonderful.

ZJU President Wu Zhaohui addressed the opening ceremony.


UIUC Provost Ed Feser addressed the opening ceremony.


Ouyang Hongwei from ZJU-UOE Institute addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of the teaching faculty.