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ZJU Party Chief Jin Deshui visited International Campus


On August 11th, just one day before the International Campus’ move into Haining, Jin Deshui, ZJU’s Party Chief visited the new campus, accompanied by Song Yonghua, Executive Vice President of ZJU and Dean of the International Campus, Fu Qiang, Assistant President of ZJU and Associate Dean of the International Campus, Haining's Mayor Dai Feng and Vice Mayor Cao Yi.

After his site visit to the campus’ infrastructure facilities such as Student Center, Residential College, Learning and Teaching Building and Arts and Science Building, Jin accorded high recognition to the construction progress of the campus. He also expressed the hope that by strengthening the cooperation and coordination with  Haining, International Campus could promote further progress in preparatory work and provide a supportive environment for the first batch of students and teachers that were moving into the campus.