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卡尔文史密斯勋爵领导研究员Dr Poppy Lamberton:被忽略的热带疾病挑战和世界卫生组织至2020年、2030年前的目标——全球挑战课程(七)

04/25/2017 - 18:30

Over one billion people in the world areinfected with one of more neglected tropical disease (NTD) across 149 countries.The majority of these infections are found in developing countries, stronglylinked to poverty, but not exclusively. They are called NTDs, but may be moreaccurately described as diseases of neglected people, including poor and oftenmarginalised communities in developed nations. There are 17 diseases/groups ofdiseases, which are currently included in the NTD umbrella.  

"I will discuss the current status of NTD policy and control beforemoving on to my Schistosoma mansoniwork looking at how we can best improve individual treatment success and reducetransmission at a community level. I will also touch on additional questions andchallenges such as hybrid infections, zoonoses, disease control integration,and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) interventions. "---Dr Lamberton.