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Graduate Admission

Graduate Admission

The International Campus graduate program plans to have 2000 students, of which 30% will be overseas students.At present, the graduate programs in Biomedical Science include stem cell and regenerative medicine, pathogen biology, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology, cell biology and neurobiology.

The graduate program in Engineering Science will focus on interdisciplinary topics including data science and engineering, communications and networking, artificial intelligence, advanced nano-electronics and photonics, microwave and terahertz technology,  smart grid, transportation electrification, power electronics, intelligent infrastructure, smart manufacturing, robotics, mechanics,  environmental sustainability, smart energy and water integration, mobile systems, biotechnology, nanotechnology and atomic-scale materials.

Masters programs for international students include China Studies and PIEGL.




ZJU-UoE Institute

ZJU-UIUC Institute

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (in progress)

International Business School (in progress)



ZJU-UoE Institute


College of Liberal Arts and Science (in progress)


International Business School (in progress)


International Applicants


Master of China Studies(只对留学生开放招生)


Master of PIEGL(国际学生招生申请入口)