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At 6:30 on October 1st, the flag-raising ceremony in the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the funding of the People's Republic of China was held on International Campus. Hundreds of Chinese faculty, staff and students attended the ceremony.
On September 28th, as National Day and Mid-autumn Day are approaching, Haining shadow play which has been listed in the Immateriality Culture Bequest of the World was invited to give a traditional culture feast for teachers and students.
On September 22nd, International Campus held its Meeting of Cadres, during which the appointments and removal of relevant Campus cadres were announced. Appointment and removal letters of Campus cadres were read at the meeting by Xu Guobin, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Party Committee, ZJU. Professor Song Yonghua, Executive Vice President of ZJU and Dean of International Campus, made a few remarks at the meeting on behalf of the Campus. Professor Fu Qiang, Assistant President of ZJU and Vice Dean of International Campus, hosted the meeting.

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