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On August 11, an intensive English training program, designed for the 2017 freshmen, was started at International Campus to help the students adapt to the all English teaching environment. Students were provided the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the program according to their individual English proficiency levels.
Student recruitment is a success for fall 2017 semester as a result of the overall International Campus effort. A total of 234 undergraduates, as well as 143 masters and 20 doctoral students were admitted, among whom, 230 are domestic students and 167 come from overseas. Degree programs expanded from four to eight and the total number of students increased from 106 to 397 while maintaining the quality of incoming students. More importantly, this is the first time to admit international undergraduates. With this, International Campus has begun to form a comprehensive multi-degree level international educational system, by simultaneously offering bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees and admitting both domestic and international students.
Professor Kimberly Wright Cassidy, President of Bryn Mawr College, led a delegation to visit international Campus on June 26th. Professor Song Yonghua, Executive Vice President of ZJU and Dean of International Campus, ZJU, and Professor He Lianzhen, Executive Vice Dean of International Campus, ZJU, hosted the visit. Professor Song gave an overall introduction on the construction and operation of the Campus. The two institutions conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on the cooperation of College of Arts and Sciences.

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International Campus

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Imperial College London
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