Zhejiang University International Campus Invites Overseas Scholars for NSFC Fund

The International Campus, Zhejiang University, invites applications for the 2023 Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas), NSFC, to enjoy

Integrative and Open Innovation System

International and Multi-disciplinary Faculty

Picturesque and Bilingual Campus

Top University Faculty Positions

Holistic Community and Benefits


01 Program Introduction

The Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Overseas) was established in 2021. The Program aims to attract and encourage outstanding young scholars from overseas (including foreign scholars) who have made achievements in natural science, engineering and technology to carry out innovative research in their own choice of research direction in China.


02 Eligibility

  • The following are selected from Call for Proposals 2022 for your reference only.
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations of China; having good research ethics and being a good practitioner of the spirit of science.
  • Born after Jan 1, 1982 (inclusive).
  • A PhD degree in relevant areas. Doing research in the field of life science, engineering or information etc.
  • Having obtained a formal teaching or research position in an overseas university, research institution, or corporate R&D institution, and worked for more than 36 consecutive months before April 15, 2022.
  • Having obtained achievements of scientific research or technology recognized by peer experts and with the potential to become an academic leader or outstanding talent in related field.


03 Work and Living Support from iZJU

Integrative and Open Innovation System

An open innovation ecosystem integrating science, education, industry, and city.

International and Multi-disciplinary Team

A faculty team of different nationalities (over 40% from outside China) and academic backgrounds.

Picturesque and Bilingual Campus

A bilingual international campus awarded the first eco-campus certification in mainland China.

Top University Faculty Positions

Faculty positions at Zhejiang University, plus adjunct faculty positions at UIUC or the University of Edinburgh after evaluation. Internationally competitive renumeration; Ample start-up fund and lab space according to research need; Support for recruitment of PhDs and Postdocs.

Holistic Community and Benefits

Enrollment of children in preferred local schools, and assistance in seeking employment opportunities for spouse; Rental of a fully furnished apartment, or purchase of a high-end on-campus apartment at a preferential rate.


04 How to apply

Interested applicants are invited to submit a PDF CV to the corresponding contactWe will contact eligible applicants and follow up on your application. You are also most welcome to contact us for further information.

ZJU-UoE Institute (Biomedical Sciences) 

Ms. LIANG hr_zje@intl.zju.edu.cn +86 571 87572819

ZJU-UIUC Institute (Engineering) 

Ms. GOU  zjuihr@zju.edu.cn  +86 571 87572520

International Business School (Fintech) 

Ms. ZHU zhulinzl@zju.edu.cn  +86 571 87572366

Campus HR 

Ms. Hong hr@intl.zju.edu.cn  +86 571 87572111


05 International Campus, Zhejiang University

Established in 2016, the International Campus of Zhejiang University (iZJU) is a key internationalization initiative of one of China’s top universities, Zhejiang University. By implementing “self-initiation, high-level, and 1+X” policy, iZJU has set up three leading institutes, namely the ZJU-UoE Institute (jointly with the University of Edinburgh), the ZJU-UIUC Institute (jointly with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and the Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS). In May 2019, iZJU’s endeavor to build a model of international education cooperation was endorsed by the central government.

iZJU has adopted an independent tenure promotion system. Currently, iZJU is driven by a team of academicians from China, Singapore, Australia, and the UK etc. It has a faculty of over 200 members, including full-time and adjunct professors. Over 40% of them are from other countries. The International Joint Innovation Center of iZJU is home to eleven international research centers. Also on campus are nine provincial/ministerial international research platforms, one provincial engineering center and six R&D centers established jointly with industry.

Looking to the future, iZJU will continue to focus on being international and inter-disciplinary. The campus will set up cross-disciplinary research teams in health technology, digital technology and advanced manufacturing, and establish multiple high-end sci-tech innovation platforms such as the Future Technology Research Institute of the Yangtze River Delta and the Zhejiang University International Medical Center. iZJU will become a world hub for talent and innovation.


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