Issue of the Construction Plan for International Collaborative Education Models: Zhejiang University International Campus (Haining) by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology.


International Business School, Zhejiang University, established.
Yangtze River Delta International Graduate School (in progress), Zhejiang University, established.


The construction of the international collaborative education model of the International Campus, Zhejiang University, was written into the outline of the integrated regional development of the Yangtze River Delta, jointly issued by the CPC Central Committ


International Joint Innovation Center of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Province, established.
International Business School (in progress), Zhejiang University, established.


The Grand Opening of the Campus


International Campus received its first batch of freshmen.
The first phase of construction was completed, and the faculty and staff of International Campus moved to Haining.
International Campus, Zhejiang University was officially established.
The Ministry of Education approved the establishment of ZJU-UoE Institute and ZJU-UIUC Institute.


The Ministry of Education approved Zhejiang University's application to establish International Campus, Zhejiang University


The construction of International Campus began.
Zhejiang University announced the establishment of International Campus (in progress), with Song Yonghua appointed as Dean, Ying Yibin as Executive Dean, and Fu Qiang as Secretary of Party Working Committee and Vice Dean.


The Ministry of Education officially supported the establishment of the International Campus, Zhejiang University in Haining.
Zhejiang Provincial Government officially approved the establishment of International Campus, Zhejiang University.
The “Cooperation Agreement on the Joint Project of Zhejiang University and People’s Government of Haining to Build International Campus, Zhejiang University” was signed.
Zhejiang University agreed to establish ZJU’s International Campus in China by cooperating with some of the world’s top universities, and it also agreed to establish an overseas campus affiliated with ZJU.