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International Campus, as an important educational and strategic base of Zhejiang University, focuses on building an internationally cooperative cross-disciplinary research platform and innovation mechanism for global major challenges. The goal of International Campus's scientific research and technology transformation is to carry out cross-scientific research, promote the integration of science and education, and enhance the international impact of Zhejiang University.



Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJU-UoE Institute)combines the advantages and strengths of both School of Biomedical Sciences, UoE and School of Basic Medicine, ZJU. Our main research themes are Neuroscience, Infection and Immunity, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Biology, and Biomedical Informatics. We encourage interdiciplinarity with an emphasis on transformative research and teaching that integrate basic research and applied research.



Zhejiang University-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute (ZJU-UIUC Institute)breaks down boundaries between traditional engineering disciplines and creates cross-disciplinary teams and activities, and encourages multidisciplinary knowledge convergence and cross cooperation. Corresponding to this cross-disciplinary emphasis, currently the main research themes are Engineering and Systems Science, Information Systems and Digital Science, and Energy and Environmental Engineering Science.

Research Centers

● International research center for Advanced Photonics

● International research center for Information Science and Electronic Engineering

● International research center for Functional Polymers

● International research center for Engineering Biology

● International research center for Basic Medical Science

● International research center for Power Internet of Things

● Public platform for high performance computing

● Laboratory Animal Center

● Micro & nano public platform

● Interdisciplinary motion dynamics simulation platform

● ZJU-UIUC Joint Research Center

● ZJU-UoE Biomedical and Health Translational Research Centre

Research Programs

● Parametric Electromagnetic Transfer Function Estimation, MARK D. BUTALA

● Researches on Topology Derivation Method and Composited Frequency Modulation Technology for Multi-Material-Devices based Multilevel Converter, Chushan Li

● Development of an coupled method by CFD-based adjoint method and Entrasy theory for the inverse design of built environments, Wei Liu

● Exploring the influence of the rotation of superatoms on phonons and heat transfer for phononic devices, Ong Wee Liat

● Role of nuclear receptor COUP-TFII in colorectal tumorigenesis, Xin Xie

● Investigation of the mechanism in controlling molecular dynamic motions for improving solar and thermoelectric applications, Ong Wee Liat

● Study of tip-based nanofabrication technology for next-generation chip manufacturing, Huan Hu

● Packaging and transfer of exogenous mitochondrial DNA via extracellular vesicles promote MSCs differentiation capacity by regulation of age-related disorders, Xudong Yao

● Multiuser Human Machine Interaction for Visual Kinesthetic Learning in Surgical Training, Yang Liangjing

● Study of joint-paints based on chondroitin sulfate for repairing superficial cartilage defects of osteoarthritis, Wei Wei

● Machine learning based turbulence model development, Jiahuan Cui

● Artificial intelligence for smart control of drones, Huan Hu

Technology Transfer

Building on the scientific research strength of Zhejiang University and its international partners, International Campus is striving to build a platform for technology transfer and develop an effective innovation ecosystem in the Greater Bay Area of Zhejiang Province, in cooperation with International Technology Transfer Center of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange Center, and Haining Juanhu Lake International Science Park.