Micro & Nano Public Platform serves as a teaching platform for advanced micro-nano technology for teachers and students, a supporting platform for micro-nano processing for cross-scientific research and international cooperation in Campus, and a service platform for industrial development for local enterprises.

The Platform is located on the 1st floor of the 1E building of the Campus, with a construction area of about 1326 square meters, of which the purification experimental area is about 720square meters, including 100-level clean area, 1000-class clean area and 10,000-class clean area. The platform has advanced micro-nano processing and testing equipment: double-sided alignment lithography machine, inductively coupled plasma etching system, atomic layer deposition system, magnetron sputtering and evaporation thin film deposition equipment, rapid annealing furnace, metallographic fluorescence microscope, step instrument, semiconductor parameter analyzer, probe table, etc. The platform aims to support teachers, students and researchers inside and outside the Campus to carry out cutting-edge scientific research and technological development in various fields and cross-disciplines.