[People's Daily Online] Professor PAN Helin, co-director and researcher at ZIBS Research Center for Digital Economics and Financial Innovation, comments on implementing the digitalization of national cultural heritage


"The 'Culture + Digitalization' strategy is an important part of China's broader digitalization strategy." Professor PAN explains how the policy outlines the overall framework for the digitization of China's cultural industry and echoes the previous national-level policy on building an "integrated market". The construction of the Chinese cultural database is key to integrating domestic cultural resources and providing the necessary infrastructure for the governance of the digital cultural industry and the circulation of cultural data in the future.

"The role of 'national cultural heritage network' is to connect the cultural data spread across the country to achieve digital transformation and upgrade" Professor PAN believes that this is central to developing an "integrated market" for the cultural industry while building a database of Chinese culture.

"Cultural digitalization is a crucial strategy and the process, and cultural big data is the expected outcome" In Pan Helin's view, China's cultural industry today is changing in the direction of standardization, rule of law, and property rights. An orderly and healthy cultural industry will become a trend in the future, and it will also attract more capital into the Chinese cultural industry market.

"Obviously, policymakers are aiming to promote the development of the cultural industry in the form of policy-oriented support, in the hope that more companies from the private sector and state-owned enterprises will look to the cultural industry and transform China's cultural industry in the future" Professor Pan Helian said.


Translation: XU Kailun