First Issue! International Campus, ZJU, Became Part of the "National Business Card"!


On the morning of December 1st, the Integrated Regional Development of the Yangtze River Delta's new set of commemorative stamps, "Public Services Convenience Sharing", was launched at International Campus, ZJU. This special set consists of four stamps, each has a different theme, the third of which, "Public Services and Convenience Sharing", depicts the Auditorium of International Campus, ZJU, which is the first time that one of Zhejiang University's architectural structures has been featured on a national commemorative stamp. QU Lijuan, Vice Dean of International Campus, and SHEN Qinli, Vice Mayor of Haining City, jointly unveiled this set of special stamps.

The Integrated Regional Development of the Yangtze River Delta's third special stamp combines the symbolic landscape elements, such as Yangtze River Delta's "Unified Online Government Service" scene, the National Children's Regional Medical Centre in Hefei, the Auditorium of International Campus, ZJU, and the Hangzhou-Huangshan World-class Tourism and Cultural Corridor to reflect the convenient sharing of public services.

Among the four commemorative stamps, the Auditorium of International Campus, is the only scene portrayed realistic manner, this speaks volumes about Zhejiang University and Haining City's high-quality development of the region with high-level international cooperation education. In 2019, the construction of the international collaborative education model of the International Campus, Zhejiang University, was written into the outline of the integrated regional development of the Yangtze River Delta. In 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued "The Construction Plan for the International Collaborative Education Model of International Campus, ZJU".

QU Lijuan noted that the stamp issuance coincided with the fifth anniversary of the rise of Integrated Regional Development of the Yangtze River Delta as a national strategy. Displaying the image of International Campus on this special stamp would be a milestone in the process of constructing the International Collaborative Education Model, which would be of great significance in promoting such models among the public.

SHEN Qinli said that the issuance of the Integrated Regional Development of the Yangtze River Delta's commemorative stamps recognized the achievements of Haining City and Zhejiang University's joint effort in building the International Collaborative Education Model, which would inspire the campus-city integration of international urban construction and polish the business card of "International Trendy City".

WU Shujun, Deputy General Manager of Jiaxing Branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd., read out the stamp issuance documents for the Integrated Regional Development of the Yangtze River Delta. ZHU Feng, General Manager of Haining Postal Branch and President of Haining Philatelic Association, opened the philatelic exhibition.

To commemorate the first issue of the stamps, the International Campus, ZJU, Haining Postal Administration, Haining Municipal Branch of China Postal Group Corporation, and Haining Philatelic Association jointly organized a philatelic exhibition on the theme of "Building an Education Model with a Pioneering Spirit", with a series of high-quality stamp collections provided by many senior philatelists to show the outstanding achievements of the construction and development of Zhejiang University and social and economic advancement of Haining City. 

This set of commemorative stamps contains 4 pieces, their names are "Integrated Development of Science and Innovation Industry", "Joint Protection and Governance of Ecological Environment", "Public Services and Convenience Sharing", and "High Level collaborative Opening Up" respectively. The face value of the whole set is RMB 4.80. The number of stamps to be issued is 7.198 million sets.


Part of the material from China Stamp Collecting WeChat official account: The 1784 new mail forecast, “Yangtze river delta regional integration development” Special Stamps Upcoming
Article:LI Zhenming
Photography: LIU Shuaiyin, Hailan Culture
Editing: LI Yinan
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbin
Translation:XIE Xiangling
English Editing:Robert Holmes