Carbon Accounting Training - Cloned

Submitted by admin on Wed, 04/10/2019 - 01:04

The green campus ambassador program has been successfully implemented and the green campus ambassador working group has been established. The green campus ambassador program includes three parts, namely energy consumption, garbage classification and publicity, have been launched.


Carbon accounting is an important method of green campus energy management. Mr. Wang limin from the department of general affairs of Zhejiang university is invited to give a professional training on carbon accounting to the students in the green campus ambassador working group. Meanwhile, members of Zhejiang university energy conservation association have an on-site exchange.


Students who are interested in green campus environmental protection are also welcome to participate in the study.


Time:4.12 19:00 PM.

Location: Arts and Science Building309



Please scan QR code inside the poster attached or click the following link to sign up. The deadline for registration is 11am on April 12.


The link:

2019-04-12,19:00 - 2019-04-12,20:30
Arts and Science Building309