Energy-Saving Proposal

Dear all, In the summer of 2022, high temperatures have continued in many provinces and the electricity load has increased, which poses huge challenges to electricity supply. On August 12, Zhejiang Energy Administration and State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation issued the energy-saving proposal, appealing to practice green and low-carbon production and lifestyle, and proposed energy-saving actions. Frugality is Chinese traditional virtue, and to eliminate waste is the social responsibility of each of us. Now the International Campus puts forward the following energy-saving initiatives:

Sustainable campus | Green actions of International Campus!

Count down green actions on International Campus!

Z4G: International Campus passed ISO14001 certification

On December 27, 2021, International Campus, Zhejiang University passed International Environmental Standard ISO14001:2015 certification, continuing to lead the construction and operation of an international sustainable campus.

Join us in the Youth Statement on Climate Action

Join us in the Youth Statement on Climate Action

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CARBON FOOTPRINTA carbon footprint is a collection of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a business, activity, product, or individual.



Currently, it is divided into four categories, namely recyclable garbage, perishable garbage, harmful garbage and other garbage