Good News!The International Campus has received the EcoCampus platinum certification!

On 30th November 2020, the International Campus, Zhejiang University received the EcoCampus platinum certification, becoming the world's first EcoCampus platinum certified campus outside the UK.

We're on the move—— The 2019 Carbon Emission Accounting Report of International Campus, Zhejiang University is coming

        In the first half of 2020, due to the epidemic, everyone's work and life were suspended, but we did not stop.


Notice Re Energy-saving Mode During Summer Vacation

Sustainable campus, our green choice! In order to save energy and avoid waste, some public service facilities will be operated in an energy-saving mode during the summer vacation (June 15- September 4). Please inform and cooperate with the implementation.


Notice Re Campus Energy-saving Mode During Winter Vacation

Sustainable campus, low carbon and energy saving!


The Air-conditioning System Commissioning and Modification Project of the International Campus Was Honored as The Outstanding Building Project of Energy Efficiency Leader

The Second National Green Campus Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Symposium was held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center during December 3-5, 2019.


Excellent Student Activity Award Won by ZJE-ZJUI Student Team at the Frist Conference of Asian Sustainable Campus Network

2019 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability, and the 1st Conference of Asian Sustainable Campus Network, sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, and co- sponsored by China Sustainable Campus Net


Special Issue: The History of Arbor Day

Spring has put a spirit of youth in everything and so does it to tree planting. The rule of nature has lasted from ancient times. A poem written by Du Fu goes: “Would you send me a hundred of peach saplings before spring, to be planted in Huanhua village where I am living.” Su Shi also said in his poem: “Standing at Su Causeway feeling Spring breeze blows, watching peach blossoms dancing together with willows.” Tree planting, our tradition in the early spring, is not only a simple plant growing activity, but also a hope for better life.


International Campus Received an EcoCampus Silver Certificate

An EcoCampus Award Ceremony was held on the International Campus, Zhejiang University on January 3, 2019 at the Campus library.