Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China’s top higher education institutions, as well as one of its oldest; its roots can be traced back to 1897 and the founding of the Qiushi Academy. It has a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and a global reputation for collaboration and creativity.

In February 2013 ZJU began to build its International Campus, with the aims of

  • Exploring new models of higher education that combine the best practices of east and west

  • Drawing on the world’s most advanced learning and teaching experiences

  • Cultivating individuals with innovative minds and international vision.

Approval was granted from the Ministry of Education in October 2015 and the Campus received its first batch of students in September 2016.


Zhejiang University has an ongoing program of collaboration with other world-class universities. The ZJU International Campus has adopted a model of creating Joint Institutes with partner universities, and Joint Institutes have already been successfully established with the University of Edinburgh and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (ZJU-UoE and ZJU-UIUC Institutes) and Imperial College London (ZJU-Imperial Joint Lab for Applied Data Science). In addition, the Institute of China Studies offers Masters programs in China Studies to a rapidly-growing cohort of international students.


The International Campus is located in the city of Haining, which is conveniently situated between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It covers 200 acres and is bordered by an ecological wetland to the north and by the scenic Juanhu Lake to the south. The overall architectural style of the campus is an organic blend of traditional European and Chinese elements.