12 faculty members of ZJUI were selected as the World’s Top 2% Scientists!



Recently, Stanford University released this year’s list of the World’s Top 2% Scientists, and 12 faculty members of ZJUI were selected in the list. Among them, Prof. Lee Der-Horng, Prof. Jin Jianming, Prof. Ma Hao, Prof. Li Erping, Prof. Philip T. Krein, Prof. Xiao Yan were selected in both the "Career-long Impact List" and "Single-year Impact List" of the World’s Top 2% Scientists. Assoc Prof. Said Mikki was selected in the "Career-long Impact List" of the Top 2% Scientists. Assist Prof. Li Chushan, Assoc Prof. Oleksiy Penkov, Assist Prof. Qian Chao, Assist Prof. Shi Ye and Assist Prof. Yang Hao (Howard) were selected in the list of the "Single-year Impact".


The list of World’s Top 2% Scientists released by Stanford University is the result of a globally influential project between Elsevier and Prof. John P. A. Ioannidis and his team at Stanford University, which provides the global academic community with a measure of scientists’ long-term scientific research performance, aiming to reflect scientists’ global influence more objectively and realistically. Based on the Scopus database of the international publishing house Elsevier, the list selects the world’s top 2% scientists from nearly 7 million scientists in 22 major scientific fields and 174 sub-fields on the basis of 6 indicators such as citations, H-index, and HM-index.


ZJUI selected scholars' disciplines cover multiple fields such as electrical engineering, communications and networking, nanotechnology, civil engineering, transportation logistics, materials, applied physics, etc. Selected as the world’s top 2% scientists reflects that the scholar has a world academic influence in his research field and has made outstanding contributions to the development of this field, and it also demonstrates the significant achievements of ZJUI in building an international and high-level scholar team and its outstanding research strength.