Glad News! iZJUers Shine at ZJU’s 2022 Junior Faculty Teaching Competition


The final round of Zhejiang University’s 2022 Junior Faculty Competition kicked off at Zijingang Campus on November 25th. Among the finalists from the International Campus, Timothy Haw-Yu Lee and Liangjing YANG from ZJUI received the Second and Third Prizes.


Timothy Haw-Yu Lee

Timothy Haw-Yu Lee’s teaching demonstration during the final is based on ME 400: Energy Conversion Systems


Liangjing YANG(杨量景)

Liangjing Yang’s teaching demonstration during the final is based on ECE 486: Control Systems


The competition not only stands as a platform showcasing the progress and achievements made by junior faculties as they continuously hone their teaching skills, but also creates a learning community by bringing together ZJU members to exchange ideas in teaching. Being an active member of that community, junior faculties at the International Campus have benefited by gaining teaching skills, maximizing effectiveness in the classroom, and engaging in teaching research.


Credits: Undergraduate School of ZJU

Editing: SUN Xiaolei

Editing in charge: XUE Qian

Translation: WANG Ruoqin