Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education Visits International Campus


On the morning of October 15th, Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. Elvira Fortunato visited International Campus, accompanied by a delegation, including the Portuguese Ambassador to China, Mr. Paulo Nasicmento, President of the European Academy of Sciences, Prof. Rodrigo Martins, and Co-Director of the Portugal-China Joint Innovation Center for Advanced Materials (the Portugal-China Joint Innovation Center), Prof. Mario Barbosa. During the visit to the International Research Center for Functional Polymers, the Portugal-China Joint Innovation Center, and ZJU-UIUC Institute (ZJUI), the delegation carried out in-depth exchanges on technological innovation and collaborative talent cultivation. Director SHI Ling, and Deputy Director WANG Yingshi of the European Division of the Department of International Cooperation, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Cooperation, were invited to join the delegation on the visit. Professor LI Hanying, Dean of International Campus, accompanied the delegation on the visit.


At the International Research Center for Functional Polymers, Professor LI Hanying briefed the delegation on the education and development of the Campus and the latest updates of the research center. He stated that the Portugal-China Joint Innovation Center conducted collaborative innovation research by utilizing the two countries’ complementary advantages in technology and industrial resources, and had made great headways in advanced material innovative research result transfer. In future, the Center will further leverage the disciplinary characteristics of Zhejiang University (ZJU) and the interdisciplinary advantages of the International Campus, and move the cooperation in education, technology and talents forward toward a deeper level.


Professor JI Jian of ZJU Department of Polymer Science and Engineering presented the visitors on the new breakthroughs by the Portugal-China Joint Innovation Center in data-driven new materials research. Prof. Elvira Fortunato congratulated the Center on the outstanding achievements in its advanced material research and the application in cardiovascular implant and intervention devices. He also expressed the hope to conduct more in-depth and practical cooperation via the Center to promote the technological progress in China and Portugal. SHI Ling fully affirmed the significant progresses made by the Center, and put forward valuable suggestions on further deepening the cooperation between the two sides in the future. 


At ZJUI, Professor LI Hanying made a debriefing on the model and fruitful results of the ZJU-UIUC cooperation in scientific research, student education, talent recruitment and nurturing. The visitors all agreed that China and Portugal should continue to maintain a close partnership, and seek new growth points in joint funding and collaborative student education.


JIN Yizheng, Assistant Dean of International Campus, and WU Binfeng, Director of the Office of General Administration also participated in the above activities.

Article: XUE Qian, WANG Jing, DENG Xiqing
Photos: Tuopu Photography
Editor: LI Yinan;
Managing Editor: WU Fengbin;
Translator: YU Jianqing