International Campus Athletes Shines at the Sports Meeting



From October 20th to 21st, Zhejiang University held 2023 Autumn Sports Meeting at the Zijingang Campus. The International Campus representative team secured an impressive third place in the undergraduate group standings, accumulating three gold, three silver, and two bronze medals, totalling to 147 points. Faculty and staff members, along with graduate students, also showed a noteworthy performance during the competition, securing several outstanding results.



In the words of the Athletes

In the two-day competition, both Chinese and international student-athletes showed exceptional sportsmanship and outstanding physical fitness, while volunteers of the event wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to the games. International Campus secured gold medals in the 110m hurdles, 4x100m relay, and 10x50m relay events. 







Some of the participating Athletes shared their personal moments and experiences regarding the event:

Undergraduate Men's 110m Hurdles Gold Medallist, Undergraduate Men's 4x100m Relay Gold Medallist, Undergraduate Men's 400m Hurdles Silver Medallist

LI Xiaoman: “I began preparing seriously since the summer break, transitioning from 91.4 cm hurdles to 106.7 cm. Many times, I felt like giving up, but there was always a force pushing me to persevere. Due to the rigorous training, I suffered from shin splints and repeated knee collisions, leaving me on the verge of collapse as the competition neared. However, the moment I stepped onto the track on the day of the competition, all the pain seemed to disappear. Sports have not only allowed me to challenge and surpass myself but have undoubtedly impact different aspects of my life as well, encouraging me to explore more about myself. What touched me the most was the dedication of our volunteers and PR teams who provided athletes with infinite strength and confidence.”

Undergraduate Men's 4x400m Relay Bronze Medallists:

LIN Haoxiang: “Due to our busy academic schedules, the four of us had very few opportunities to train together before the competition. However, we made out the most of our limited time, focusing on practicing cooperative movements such as baton handovers. Ultimately, it is our teamwork and cohesion that led to a good performance.”

YANG Xuhao: “This was my first time participating in the games; last year, I was not able to participate due to an injury, which left me with regrets. However, this year, we secured the bronze medal in the 4x400m relay, which encouraged me a lot. I hope that we can achieve even better results in the future.”

HUANG Qixuan: “This was my second time participating in the 4x400m relay. We made a significant progress compared last year. I hope that we can achieve even better results in the future.”

LAI Weijie: “As a freshman, this was my first time participating in the games. I am satisfied that I won a bronze medal in the relay. I hope we can continue to work hard and bring more glory to our campus next year.”


Moreover, some of the faculty and staff members provided their insights and perspectives regarding the competition:

CHEN Di, Assistant Chairman of the Trade Union and Faculty Athlete: 

“This is my third time participating in the games, and I'm always delighted to see new faces every year. It's a great pleasure to join the students in the games ----it rekindles a youthful spirit within me. I have always believed that sports can enhance our work efficiency. I try to run or play basketball every two to three days. I also hope that everyone can stick to regular exercise to improve our efficiency in both learning and work.”

YE Chenchen, Staff of International Campus:

“At this University Games, we witnessed countless exciting moments, with the International Campus students and faculty achieving excellent results. I deeply admire the athletes' perseverance and the selfless dedication of our volunteers. Every victory owes much to their hard work and determination.”

Gold Medallists
Li Xiaoman (Undergraduate Men's 110m Hurdles)
Wang Benlu, Xie Kerui, Li Xiaoman, Chen Haotian (Undergraduate Men's 4x100m Relay)
Li Xiaoman, Wang Benlu, Xie Kerui, Deng Ruxi, Chen Haotian, Chen Zhitian, Jin Yi, Yang Yushang, Liu Wenting, Luo Xingyu (Undergraduate 10x50 Relay)

Silver Medallists
Zhu Fengyun (Graduate Women's 400m)
Li Xiaoman (Undergraduate Men's 400m Hurdles)
Zheng Cheng (Undergraduate Men's Decathlon)
Qiu Xubin (Undergraduate Men's Javelin)

Bronze Medallists
Zhang Jie (Faculty Men's Shot Put)
Qiu Ping (Faculty Women's 2000m)
Lin Haoxiang, Yang Xuhao, Huang Qixuan, Lai Weijie (Undergraduate Men's 4x400m Relay)
Hua Xiaofeng (Undergraduate Men's 5000m)

Fourth Place
Xu Jiashang (Undergraduate Men's 1500m)
Yao Wendao (Undergraduate Men's High Jump)
Shen Zhuoyang (Undergraduate Men's Shot Put)
Xu Jiashang (Undergraduate Men's 800m)
Wang Benlu (Undergraduate Men's 200m)

Fifth Place
Liu Wenting, Quinine Tan, Luo Xingyu, Yang Yushang (Undergraduate Women's 4x100m Relay)
Xue Qian (Faculty Women's Javelin)
Cheng Zhiyuan (Undergraduate Men's Triple Jump)
Yuan Hongxia (Graduate Women's 200m)

Sixth Place
Lin Wenjun (Undergraduate Women's Javelin)
Qiu Weiwei (Faculty Men's 1500m)
Yao Wendao (Undergraduate Men's Shot Put)
Wang Kexin (Undergraduate Women's 3000m)

Seventh Place
Gu Yitong (Undergraduate Women's Shot Put)
Xie Kerui (Undergraduate Men's 100m)
Liu Wenting (Undergraduate Women's 100m)
Zhang Jie (Faculty Men's Javelin)
Jiang Hangyuan, Chen Zhitian, Xu Tianyi, Zhang Hanwen (Undergraduate Women's 4x400m Relay)
Wen Wu (Faculty Men's Softball)

Eighth Place
Wen Wu (Faculty Men's 2000m)

Article: LI Siqi
Photos: LIU Yuxuan, CHA Haoyun, HUN Ruikai, ZHU Zhouyue, LIANG Yusen; TU Youyang; and Shaining Wechat Account
Editing: LI Yinan, XUE Qian
Editing in charge: WU Fengbin
Translation: XIONG Weiwei
English Editing: Loigen Sodian