Campus Police Station Upgraded: Expanded Services & Bilingual Support


To serve the needs of campus members and contribute to our internationally collaborative education model, the Haining Public Security Bureau and International Campus have joined forces to build a police station that is not only bilingual but also co-governed. 

So, what makes it different? Let’s walk in and experience it together!

In response to the daily needs of faculty, staff and students on campus, the Haining Municipal Public Security Bureau has included a number of services to the police office. 30 public security and government services including entry-exit, vehicle management, and "one-window photobooth" are available here. Teachers and students can enjoy these conveniences without leaving the campus.

There are more than 500 international teachers and students in the International Campus. In order to enhance their experience, the campus police office provides bilingual services and optimizes the procedure. Additionally, to improve the effeciency and reduce waiting time, the police office collaborates with the entry-exit window of Juanhu Lake International Science Park to provide centralized visa processing appointment service.

The police office is equipped with one full-time civilian police officer and two full-time auxiliary police officers. They are tasked to establish a regular joint work mechanism on a daily basis to jointly carry out on-campus patrols, safety inspections, conflict and dispute resolution, and safety prevention publicity. The police officers and campus security are working closely to protect campus safety.

Because of its thoughtfulness, conveniency and professional, careful and nice services, the International Campus police office received many compliments from teachers and students.

The Police Office

Location: Room 101, Gymnassium

Working Hours:  Monday-Friday (Except public holidays) 

08:30-11:30;14:00-17:00 (Summer)

08:30-11:30;13:30-16:30 (Winter)

Service hours for Entry and Exit services:15:00-16:30, Every Wednesday



Article: LV Zhao;

Photography: YAN Xiao, LV Zhao;

Editing: LI Yinan

Editing in charge: XUE Qian

Reviewer: WU Fengbin