2023 ZJU-Haining Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Meeting Successfully Held


On January 26, ZJU-Haining Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Meeting (International Collaborative Education Model Construction Promotion Committee Meeting) was held on the International Campus.

REN Shaobo, Chairman of the University Council, DU Jiangfeng, President of Zhejiang University, SHUAI Xielang, Jiaxing Municipal Communist Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Politics and Law Commission Secretary, and XU Mingliang, Haining Municipal Communist Party Committee Secretary witnessed the plaque unveiling of Zhejiang University International Science Park and delivered speeches. FU Qiang, Secretary of ZJU Communist Party Committee Deputy, LYU Zhongfei, Deputy Secretary of Haining Municipal Communist Party Committee made presentations on the construction of the international collaborative education model. XU Jinqiang, Chairman of Zhejiang University Holding Group Co., Ltd., and XU Honglian, Mayor of Haining Municipal People’s Government unveiled the plaque. ZJU leadership WANG Lizhong, WU Jian, HUANG Xianhai, LI Xiaoming, ZHU Hui, and CHEN Gang, as well as Haining Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference Chair ZHOU Hongxia attended the meeting, and ZJU Vice President HE Lianzhen chaired the meeting. 

REN Shaobo briefed the audience on the good momentum of ZJU’s reform and development in the past year, fully recognized the phased achievements in the international collaborative education model construction over the past year, and conveyed sincere gratitude to Jiaxing city and Haining city for their long-term care, support and assistance for ZJU. He stated that, in the past decade, ZJU, Jiaxing and Haining forged ahead on the journey of cooperation, laying a solid foundation and creating a good situation. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, ZJU would further join hands with Jiaxing and Haining to forge consensus and create another chapter of university-city collaboration. 

REN Shaobo urged the two sides to further polish the national model brand. He also pointed out that ZJU would mobilize the whole university to implement projects in a down-to-earth manner, construct strong platforms, and expand influence, making new contributions to major national and regional strategies; further converge global high-end science and education resources, explore multilateral cooperation mechanisms based on talent cultivation, and construct a new landscape for high-level education opening-up; further create an internationalized innovation ecology, build a high-level diverse faculty team, strengthen the construction of high-energy research platforms, and construct a new highland for science-education-industry integration; further deepen the reform of systems and mechanisms, promote the interaction of international and domestic resources, and build a high-level international campus, an international high-tech park and a high-quality talents community, paving a new path of university-city integrated and collaborative development. As a next step, ZJU will focus on the high-quality development and high-level cooperation, adhere to international standards, Chinese characteristics, coordinated and connected development, integrated innovation, join forces to a more exemplary model of international collaborative education to promote regional development, and strive to achieve fruitful results.

DU Jiangfeng stated that Haining was an important partner of ZJU for all-round cooperation and regional services. Looking back, since the inception of the official cooperative relations in 2013, the two sides have achieved brilliant results in collaborative education, talent exchange, platform co-construction, resource sharing, strategic consulting, and regional services, and created the “Self-Initiation, High-Standard, One to Many (i.e. 1+x)” model for international collaborative education, and “education-science-talent-industry-city” integrated development model for university-city collaborative development. Around the world, global forefronts, China’s national strategy and regional goals have formed a historic convergence in the international collaborative education model. He called on the two sides to leverage respective strengths, and promote the iterative leap-frog development of all-round cooperation in education, technology, talents, and industry by creating a globalized innovation ecology. 

DU Jiangfeng pointed out that deepening the construction of the international collaborative education model would require the integration of the strengths of the Eastern and Western education, and the combination of Chinese characteristics and international elements into education, to cultivate globally competent top-notch innovative talents. He urged to get integrated into the global cooperation network, leverage the innovative resources of a high-level research university, deepen basic research and collaborative R & D of key technologies, and build an innovation hub with deep science-university-industry integration; deepen the university-city collaborative development, deploy a group of strategic and reserve technology R & D projects in a forward-looking manner, accelerate the connection of discipline, talent, innovation and industrial chains, and further optimize the model of ZJU and Haining for “education-science-talent-industry-city” integrated development. He expressed the hope that the two sides would take the new opportunity of advancing the construction of the International Collaborative Education Model 3.0, and strive to achieve tangible results.

SHUAI Xielang expressed his sincere gratitude to ZJU for the care and support for Jiaxing and Haining. He hoped that Haining and ZJU would keep creating a new chapter for university-city cooperation, and achieve greater results in co-building the education model. Jiaxing Municipal Communist Party and Municipal Government would fully support the further development of the International Campus, and the construction of the international collaborative education model, and deepen the all-round cooperation between Haining and ZJU. 

XU Mingliang stated that Haining and ZJU had created wonderful chapters on their journey of “reaching out to each other”, and that this year marked a “breakthrough year” in the construction of the education model. He hoped that the two sides would closely center around the objectives and tasks for the construction of the education model, and requested more support from ZJU, to jointly accelerate the formation of a group of landmark achievements.

Since the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the plan for the construction of the international collaborative education in September 2022, ZJU and Haining city, by leveraging the respective strengths of “a renowned university and a famous city”, have set a “ZJU-Haining benchmark” for converging world-class talents, science and education resources, promoting the high-level science-education-industry coordinated development, and driving the university-city integrated internationalization.

Zhejiang University International Science Park, the plaque of which was unveiled at the meeting, is a key project of the international collaborative education model, and a high-energy internationalized innovation and entrepreneurship platform constructed by ZJU in collaboration with Haining. It combines “research results transfer, high-end talents recruitment, emerging industry incubation, and innovation elements convergence”.

The heads of the relevant departments of Haining city, ZJU Chief Accountant, the heads of relevant functional departments and directly affiliated units, and the heads of ZJU Science Park Development Co., Ltd., as well as all members of the International Campus leadership attended the meeting.


Source: ZJU Convergence Media Center;
Article: KE Yineng; LI Junyuan;
Photography: ZHU Yuanzhi;
Editing: LIU Beibei
Editing in charge:YANG Jin, ZHOU Yichen
Translation: YU Jianqing