(1)Type of Fees

  a) Tuition Fee: 120,000 yuan per student per academic year

  b) Accommodation Fee: 8,000 yuan per student per academic year

  c) Other Fees (Subject to the notice of current year.)

(2) Payment of Fees:

  a) By Bank Card (Not for Freshmen) : Make sure that there is enough money deposited in your bank card which is bind with your Student ID 10 days before your registration day.

  b) By Mobile Phone Bank (Recommended) : Log in Mobile Phone Bank or Online Bank (both are Bank of China), follow the steps as “生活→ 更多→学费→浙江大学缴费→ Input username (student ID No.) → Check the fees→ Chose the fees→ Pay

  c) Alipay Payment Hall

Click on Alipay → Search “浙江大学(生活号)” → Follow and enter “缴费大厅”→ Input username (student ID No.) and the password (last six digits of your Identity Card) → Check the fees → Pay


  d) By WeChat Official Account

Payment of Fees


  e) Payment on Line: http://pay.zju.edu.cn

  f) Other Payment Way

Pay the fees in Room 530, Art and Science Building on the registration day.

(3) Invoice

You will receive the e-invoice in your email box(Student ID@zju.edu.cn)after October 1st;

or to get the printed invoice (once limited) in Room 530, Art and Science Building with your Student ID Card and the printed e-invoice.