* The university has hospital on all campuses. International students can be treated at those hospitals for minor health problem.

* If necessary, international students can seek treatment from off-campus hospitals. Provincial or municipal public hospitals are recommended. Students should show their student ID card and passport while in hospital.

* For medical emergency, please call Emergency Center Number: 120.

* Comprehensive Insurance for International Students

a. Students on a full scholarship and self-funded students who have paid tuition fees in full (with their time of studies exceeding 6 months) are entitled for the Comprehensive Insurance for International Students, which includes insurances for medical treatments of accidental injuries, hospitalization, accidental disability and death. Only public hospitals on the mainland of the People’s Republic of China are applicable for this insurance. Students can refer to the insurance introduction and claims on the international student insurance website (www.lxbx.com) for details. And can directly call their service hotline at 4008105119 EXIT 1(24-hour bilingual service) for medical consultation due to disease or accident. Students are also advised to promptly contact the teacher in charge at Office of International Student Affairs for insurance claims if hospitalization is needed for them due to accidents or sickness.

b. Students can refer to the following insurance introduction and claims for details.

c. Comprehensive Insurance& Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Copmay, Ltd.

d. Insurance Claims