Haining International Intellectual Property Training Held on International Campus


On September 23, Haining International Intellectual Property Training was successfully held on International Campus, Zhejiang University. The training was hosted by Administration of Market Supervision of Haining and Science and Technology Department of Haining, organized by Haining International Center of Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange, co-organized by the management committee of Haining Juan Lake International Science and Technology City and International Campus, Zhejiang University. The training focused on enterprise’s international practice, application and protection of intellectual property rights, related to PCT international patent applications, overseas standards necessary patent layout, international trademark application and protection, 337 investigation of the United States and Chinese enterprise coping strategies, as well as other business knowledge to help students understand enterprise international intellectual property protection points and enhance their skills in aspects including patent, trademark, standard, the ability to counter unfair competition and so on. More than 100 students from Haining high-tech enterprises, intellectual property (patent) demonstration enterprises, International Campus, Zhejiang University and other units participated in the training and interacted with experts actively.

With the support of Market Administration of Zhejiang Province (Intellectual Property Office of Zhejiang Province), Science Department of Zhejiang Province, International Campus, Zhejiang university, and the management committee of Haining Juan Lake International Science and Technology City, Zhejiang Intellectual Property Rights Trading Center (Haining) International Center has accumulated science and technology resources at home and abroad, built international technical cooperation and trade network, and achieved remarkable success since it was constructed in 2017, and it was also considered as the international science and technology cooperation base in Zhejiang Province by Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province on December.12th, 2019. The operation team of the International Center focuses on the operation and transformation of overseas patent achievements, the docking of technological needs of enterprises, the international intellectual property training, and the promotion of high-quality overseas resources for Haining. By July 2020, 20 international patented technologies have been traded on the platform of the International Center, contributing 127 million yuan to the international trade volume of technological achievements and making beneficial exploration and great contribution to the transfer and transformation of international patent achievements in Zhejiang Province.